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Doxa, an ancient Greek word meaning “glory,” is a principle our company has been upholding since it was established by Coby Strausbaugh – whose sight is set on providing the citizens of Tacoma well-deserved picturesque homes and commercial spaces. Glory, which can be attributed to beauty, honor, and to take great pride is visible in all our employees and the projects we have completed. Doxa Painting & Services consistently delivers exceptional painting services with 100% guaranteed satisfaction for all of our clients. As our company grew with the aim of improving our services to enhance our clients’ properties, we continued to develop skills by building connections and learning with the best painting associations in the country: Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) and Master Builders Association (MBA) of Pierce County, WA. We currently service homes in the Tacoma area and Pierce County, including University Place City.


University Place City in Pierce County, or UP for locals, is a city with great parks, beaches, and a solid school district. This relatively small city, home to more than 31,500 active residents, is famous for the 115th United States Open Championship in 2015. The U.S. Open Championship also opened the doors for people to recognize this vibrant city, best known for the waterfront on the Puget Sound. The properties in the city offer stunning views of the Narrow Bridge and the sunset. Doxa Painting & Services works toward maintaining the beautiful properties in the area as well as upgrading them to reach their full potential with our equally appealing and skillfully executed painting services.


Painting Services in University Place, Washington

For all your property painting needs, the staff and expert painters at Doxa Painting & Services are fully-equipped with the experience and knowledge in the latest painting trends, and state of the art tools that guarantee quality work, while prioritizing the safety of both our clients and our employees from painting hazards such as lead-based paint. With Doxa Painting & Services as your contractor, you can expect:


  • A quality paint job and skillful painters
  • An honest and accurate estimate for the scope of work to be done
  • Project completion within the schedule set with minimal to no delay
  • Top-notch customer service from the initial discussion up to the completion of the project
  • An admirable amount of care taken with your property – clean work and minimal disruption
  • A warranty for one year for all the work carried out and with open communication for queries and issues beyond the warranty period


Residential and Commercial Exterior Painting – University Place properties, situated near beaches, may require more frequent repair and painting services because the salty sea air and sand causes the exterior of properties to age prematurely. Doxa Painting & Services recognizes this and offers affordable services for your property without sacrificing the aesthetic features and quality of work. We offer a varied palette for you to choose from and an expert opinion if needed. You can also look at our portfolio for inspiration, and our friendly painters will work with you on a timely schedule to achieve the appearance required for the exterior of your property, together with a durable finish and a warranty period of 1 year.


Residential and Commercial Interior Painting – with the popularity of DIY home improvement growing, a lot of homeowners attempt painting projects without sufficient knowledge and do not always consider appropriate safety measures. There has been a number of accidents resulting from not having the correct ladder or inhaling considerable amounts of lead based paints and solvents. At Doxa Painting & Service, safety is our number one priority. We protect our clients from these dangers with our trained painters who are equipped with the best tools and skills to accomplish a professional painting project. Our painters value each client’s personal style and can offer great advice on how to choose the proper paint colors, while remaining compatible with the rest of the house. For commercial properties, we have extensive experience with many types of business properties and can use our knowledge to suggest suitable paint options for your business.


Other Services Doxa Painting & Services Provides

As a trusted company in University Place, our services are available to everyone, and we treat each project with equal importance. Furthermore, as part of our dedication to all our clients, our services include property maintenance, remodeling work, and holiday lighting. If your property is in need of a timely gutter cleaning or pressure washing, or if you want to update your decks for enjoying a perfect sunset viewing along the coast of Puget Sound, or wish to attract more customers with festive lighting, Doxa Painting & Services is the perfect choice for the job. Call us now at (253) 471-0171 to speak to one of our friendly staff and request an estimate.

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