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Meet our Doxa Team. We look forward to meeting you and helping you take care of your homes and properties!

Leadership Team

Coby 2019.03 circle

Coby Strausbaugh

Co-Owner, HR / Operations / Finance

Drew 2019.03 circle

Drew Webster

Co-Owner, Sales and Production

Randy 2019.03 circle

Randy Wyatt

Co-Owner, Sales and Production


Sondra Chamberlain

Project Coordination Assistant

Painting Team Leads

Jon 2019.03 circle

Jon Blatz

Team Lead

Easton 2019.03 circle

Easton Holland

Team Lead

Ulisses 2019.03 circle

Ulisses Ramos

Team Lead

Jason 2019.03 circle

Jason Fox

Maintenance / Repair / Support Lead

Professional Painters

Eric 2019.03 circle

Eric Lorentzen


Tristyn 2019.03 circle

Tristyn Elrod


Carlos 2019.03 circle

Carlos Johnson


Sam 2019.03 circle

Sam McMurtrey


Ike 2019.03 circle

Ike Madrid


William 2019.03 circle

William Ellis


What we’re about

We want you to know who you are doing business with.


What does “Doxa” mean?

Doxa is an ancient Greek word meaning “glory” — because people, the skilled work we do that serves the needs of others, and the important projects we need people to get done for us matter. Our company is built on the conviction that businesses exist to serve and to take care of people. We aim to do this first by making it a the best place to work for our team as we possibly can, which we believe is the best way to deliver a ton of value to our clients. We value and respect our employees as people and are working together to create the most productive, professional team we can become. We love our painters and are pretty sure you will too.

– Coby Strausbaugh | Founder


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