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Premium residential painting for South Puget Sound homes.
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Residential Home Painting

Painting or repainting a home sounds like it could be done by just about anyone. However, it takes a skilled professional to determine what the most suitable paint and repainting method is required for each home. Furthermore, prior to painting, there are a number of steps that need to be taken to ensure that each painting job is done correctly.

Our painters are trained to handle the diverse residential needs that are unique to the South Puget Sound region such as old homes, new construction, apartment buildings and more.

Exterior Painting Services in Tacoma WA

Residential Painting Services

We focus on the residential painting services that provide the best look, protection and long term impact for your project. Each is tailored to fit your needs whether it is your home or a property you manage.

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Making sure that your home’s exterior is properly maintained is one of the best ways to protect your home from the elements.


At Doxa Painting & Services, we have years of experience in conducting a wide range of indoor painting jobs.


Protect your exterior from mold and mildew common to the Puget Sound region’s residential homes.

Residential Customers

Residential painting happens at many different levels. For home owners, we work directly with you to ensure a beautiful and well maintained home stays that way. Our team also works with large residential Developers, HOA’s and Property Managers giving you access to high quality painting contractors when you need them.

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