We are building a company where painters and customers come together to create beautiful work and mutual value. Are you someone who wants to see that happen? If you have been in the industry for 30 years, we want you and if you’ve never painted before, we’ll train you well. Why? Because we value the person and will train and teach the skill.

We’re looking for the best painters on earth… or soon to be!

Doxa Painting is committed to creating the best company to work in and do business with in the professional painting industry – and that can only happen when you build an incredible team of the right people. If this role as a professional painter on our team is the right fit for you, what you’ll be doing is important work, serving real people, who are looking for professionals that they can trust will treat them and their project like they matter.


You’ll be part of a painting team. You will work closely with a Team Lead and other Doxa Painters, and you will be trained and assessed by a certified Doxa Painter Coach.


Your team will count on you to show up on time, in uniform, with your tools and to become the most productive painter you can be.


You’ll be responsible for prep tasks, painting work and whatever is needed to help jobs get done to the Doxa Standard, on schedule, and on budget. Improving your own productivity as a painter and helping your team achieve its goals will be your North Star.


Your ability to learn fast and execute skilled tasks is outstanding. Your hunger to do whatever it takes for your team to win is un-crushable. You are known as a hard worker who doesn’t back down and will find a way to get the job done.


You’re passionate about seeing the people around you succeed, as much as succeeding yourself. You love to learn, grow and become better. You enjoy helping people and making a difference in their lives.

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We will follow up with qualified applicants.