Interior House Repaint Services

Home Interior Painting in Tacoma WA

At Doxa Painting & Services, we have years of experience in conducting a wide range of indoor painting jobs. As a result, we have built a team of professional painters who know what’s required to take care of your home, make sure that each one of your wishes and needs are satisfied and make the entire process as easy and enjoyable as possible! Whether you need the entire interior of your home painted or only one or two rooms, we are ready for the job. Our expertise spans everything from regular wall repaints to fine finishes and even complete remodels. At Doxa, we use only top quality paint and finishes so that your repainting job lasts a long time.

Home Interior Painting Services

While interior painting seems pretty straightforward, there are many different types of painting jobs that only a skilled team is able to execute. The last thing you want is streaks on your walls or ceiling, paint that chips off after only a few months or a messy execution style. Many unlicensed repainting companies operate in the greater Tacoma, WA area and unfortunately they can leave you with disappointing and unprofessional results. At Doxa, we excel in a wide range of indoor repainting tasks, so you can count on us to make anything you imagine a reality. Take a look at some of the main services that we specialize in:
  • Comprehensive ceiling and wall repainting services
  • Custom trim and woodwork painting and staining
  • Cabinet finishing and painting
  • Furniture, door and trim painting
  • Restoration and repainting of historical homes
  • Removal of wallpaper
  • Repair of drywall
In addition to our painting services, we offer a wide range of finishes for your home. Take a look at some of the different types of finishes that you might find suitable:
  • Acrylic latex paints
  • Oil-based and water-based alkyd paint
  • Low or VOC-free coats
  • Different types of lacquers
  • Lacquer, water and oil-based stains
  • Conversion varnish
If this is the first time that you are painting your home and you are not familiar with any of these terms, our team at Doxa would be more than happy to guide you through the process and recommend the services that would be most suitable for your home using only licensed painters. Our team has decades of experience and we are more than happy to put that experience to use in order to make our clients 100% happy!

Interior House Repaint Services

If you are looking to find out more about some of the services that our team at Doxa Painting & Services offers, feel free to contact us for more information! Our team is always at your disposal and available to give you professional advice and recommendations for your home’s specific needs. At Doxa, we are happy to offer a free consultation to all of our clients so that you are fully informed about all of the different services that we offer as well as the ways we can participate in helping you create a beautiful interior for years to come! Feel free to contact us today at 253-471-0171!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service?

Generally, we provide services anywhere within a 30-minute drive of Tacoma. If you’re unsure if your project is within our service area, please ask (link to em

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, Doxa Painting and Services is fully licensed, bonded and insured for all work performed on your home or property. You can find our contractor license by searching for our license number, DOXAPPS877K4 on the Washington Department of Labor & Industries website here:

Does someone have to remain home while the repainting is being done?

No, often our customers are not home during the entire painting process. Every member of our team is insured, background checked, and personally known and trusted.

What’s the best time of the year to repaint?

The fall and winter months are the best time of the year to schedule your interior painting project. Our exterior painting production calendar tends to get booked far in advance during the limited window of dry, sunny weather we get here in Washington, so the months of October through April are a great time to schedule your interior painting. However, we try to keep space available for the interior painting needs that pop up during the summer as well, and will do everything we can to help you with your interior painting when you need it.

What type of paint do you use?

We use the highest value paints we can find on the market. The reason we stay away from the cheaper paints and go with higher quality products is because your cost of paint is usually around 15-20% of the cost of hiring a professional painting team to apply that paint—if you choose a higher quality paint that will last longer, then the money you pay for the professional painter to apply that paint will go farther and save you more money in the long run.

Some of our paint suppliers are:

Sherwin Williams Benjamin Moore Paints Rodda Paint Miller Paint Co


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