Holiday Lighting Services

Holiday Lighting in Tacoma WA
The holiday season can get pretty busy so it’s important to get help where you can. For instance, putting up your holiday lights can be pretty stressful and time-consuming, so if you need some help to make the entire process a little bit easier feel free to get in touch with our team at Doxa Painting & Services to find out how we can help. If you hire us you can count on dependable on-time lighting setup for your celebration.

A Variety of Holiday Lighting Decorations

Hiring our team at Doxa to install your decorative holiday display has a number of advantages. Take a look at some of them:
  • Professional services and outdoor lighting designs
    We provide knowledgeable and professional outdoor lighting in the Tacoma, WA area. Our experience lies in one type of lighting service — but we do it really well. Whatever your preferences are, we guarantee that our team will make your holiday lighting display extra special.
  • Easy and quick installation and removal services
    We pride ourselves in offering quick and hassle-free installation services that will allow you to have a beautiful display in no time. Also, once the holidays are over, we will quickly return to your home for help with removal and the lights are yours to keep for the following year.
  • 100% Safe
    We always check each bulb before it is installed the following year to make sure that all lights are working and there is no chance of an electrical short-circuit.
  • Year-round lighting
    Although most of our customers ask for professional lighting installation during the holiday season, we also specialize in lighting installation for many other types of celebrations and parties. This will allow you to make a special day even more special.

Efficient and Reliable Holiday Lighting Services

Are you interested in finding out more about ways to make your holiday lighting even more festive and special this year? For more information, feel free to contact our team of professionals at Doxa and ask to view some of the lighting options that we currently have on offer. We are also more than happy to provide all of our customers with a free consultation to discuss some of the ways in which we can be of assistance during the holiday season. Do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals today at 253-471-0171!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be home when you install my lights?

No, we will map out a plan with you prior to the install and you will not need to adjust your schedule for us.

When do installations begin?

We begin lighting installs in November and finish in early December.

When are lights removed?

Lights are removed within the first three weeks of January

Do I need to do anything after the installation?

No, and that’s possibly the best part. Our lights are set on automatic timers that come on when the sun goes down and turn off after a predetermined amount of time.

Does Doxa rent the lights to me, or do we own them?

Our first years lighting price includes the purchase of all lights and accessories—they are yours to keep!

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