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Commercial Exterior Painting in Tacoma WA
Are you looking for a reliable team to execute your commercial exterior painting project? At Doxa Painting & Services, our team brings the same care and attentiveness to your exterior painting job as we would to the finest home you could imagine. Apart from making sure that the project has been executed with care, we are also committed to providing our services with speed — We can guarantee optimal service, on time expectations, upfront communication and an unparalleled team of dedicated painters in the greater Tacoma area. In order to get the job done as quickly as possible, we make sure to communicate and schedule with you to meet your deadlines. This way, not only will the painting project be completed as quickly as possible, but there will also be very few disruptions to your business. Our team of painters is always very friendly, polite and professional so your day-to-day routine will not suffer. Only thing out of our hands – the Pacific Northwest weather! All our commercial exterior paint projects are no rain, so we will do our best to communicate the schedule with you as it unfolds.

Quality Commercial Exterior Painting Performed By Professionals

Some of our customers wonder — what makes an exterior painting or repainting different to other painting jobs? Exterior painting requires special attention because otherwise, the paint tends to peel or flake off, meaning that you will have to repeat the entire process sooner than you thought. However, at Doxa Painting & Services, we take the necessary care to make sure that we only use the best possible treatments available, which is not always the case with painting companies that offer cheap services which can be misleading.
At Doxa, we always make sure to use top quality products and apply the best techniques and standards to all of our painting jobs. This allows us to guarantee a high standard of workmanship to all of our customers, making sure that we prevent some of the most common painting issues from occurring. Finally, if you hire us, you can rest assured that a team of motivated and well-compensated people will be working for you 100% satisfaction guarantee. Unlike some other painting companies in the area, we never hire amateurs that do not take their job seriously.

Commercial Exterior Painting Services — What You Can Expect

Are you wondering what you can expect if you hire our team at Doxa for exterior repainting? Take a look at some of the following services we offer:
  • Preparing the exterior surface for painting — we use high-pressure washing and scrubbing to remove all dirt and grime and we scrape all peeling and loose paint off
  • Carrying out minor repairs — if we notice that your exterior has some rotting or damaged surfaces, we are happy to repair them
  • Caulking — if there are any gaps in the surface of your home, we make sure to seal them off to protect your home from moisture
  • Following all health and safety standards — we always make sure that you and the environment are completely safe and that our team complies with L&I safety standards to prevent injuries on the job.
If you are looking for experienced professionals to complete your commercial exterior painting, feel free to contact our team at Doxa. We understand that you might need some more information about what we do so we are happy to offer a free consultation. We offer 2-year warranty on the work we do. Contact us today at 253-471-0171!

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