Color Selections

If you need some help picking out colors, we can help!

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Take a look and some boards put together by our team if you need inspiration or ideas on colors for different types of spaces, moods and ambiance.

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See photos of recent projects and find inspiration for what your home could look like!

The ColorSnap Visualizer

The Sherwin Williams ColorSnap Visualizer allows you to view different photos of rooms and interchange colors on different parts of the room to get a sense for what those colors might look like actually applied to the surfaces!

Need some help in-person?

Just ask, we’d love to help or connect you with someone who can!

Over the years, we have built a network of preferred and trusted interior design professionals that have partnered with us on many projects, and we’d be delighted to introduce you!

And while we are not formally trained color consultants, but our team has a wealth of experience painting many homes and seeing livings spaces transformed in all shapes and sizes and shades–in some cases, we may be able to help as well.

When you have selected colors for your Doxa Painting Project, please fill out this form