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We know Gig Harbor isn’t just another area of South Puget Sound. WIth the incredible small town feel, over the bridge feel from Seattle/Tacoma’s hustle and bustle, Gig Harbor provides a peaceful and clean place for residents as well as businesses.

That’s why we know the importance of maintaining that look and feel of your work or home space. Our painting solutions provide the very best in care and dependability.

Why quality painting in Gig Harbor matters.

Known as “the gateway to the Olympic Peninsula,” Gig Harbor is home to a historic waterfront, making it a popular tourist destination. As tourists flood in from different parts of the world, we aim to have your residential and commercial space give the best impression to everyone who can see. More important than the appearance, Doxa Painting & Services is also dedicated to delivering quality paint and maintenance service -something that will last a long time. The proximity of Gig Harbor properties to a body of water can affect the paint of your house. Doxa Painting & Services takes this into account on every project we work on and provides quality painting and maintenance service to each property.

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Gig Harbor Painting Services

Commercial Painting – as the city of Gig Harbor thrives on tourists, commercial establishments benefit most, and we aim to enhance your business with our painting services. We will work closely with you, staying on schedule to not disrupt your business and providing you with an accurate quote of the scope of labor and materials that were used. We make sure to maintain a good professional relationship with our commercial contractors.

Residential Painting – having a new color to your room or the outside walls of your house brings fresh energy to you and your family. Doxa Painting & Services works toward bringing each homeowner’s vision to life with our extensive range of paint colors and designs, with the help of highly-qualified paint contractors. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and extend our services by making sure all of your belongings are well cared for. We also provide 1-year warranty for exterior painting while interior painting has 2-years warranty.

Maintenance – taking care of the facade of your property is not the only area we specialize in. We care for the overall condition of your property with our maintenance services such as pressure washing and gutter cleaning. Properties near a harbor can easily wear down due to water particles in the air and animals such as seagulls that can enter. Doxa Painting & Services understands this, and we offer the best maintenance service targeted to properties in Gig Harbor.

Doxa Painting & Services takes pride in all of the projects we have done in Gig Harbor, Washington. Doxa -a Greek word for “glory,” is what our company stands for. All of our staff and professional painters are equipped with essential knowledge, excellent customer relations, and vital principles that our company stands on. Investing your time and trust in us is an investment worth every penny. We are a part of Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) and Master Builders Association (MBA) of Pierce County, WA so you can be sure you are in the right hands of the best contractor in town.

If you want your property to have a fresh coat of paint, or if you have a maintenance problem, or even if you have any questions about a painting or maintenance project, feel free to call Doxa Painting & Services at (253) 471-0171. Our office is open Mondays to Fridays from 8 AM to 5 PM. Our friendly staff will assist you and direct you to a specialist to discuss how we can help you.

Locations We Serve

Based in the South Puget Sound, the following locations are our main operating cities. If you live or have a project outside of one of these locations please send us a message and we will do our best to accommodate you!


The exterior and interior paint of a house greatly reflects a homeowner. If you feel that your home is already looking drabby and lifeless, getting fresh paint can significantly improve its appeal.

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Lakewood WA is the rising star of the South Puget Sound! With more and more demand for home and residential real estate closer to Seattle, Lakewood sits in a perfect place for growth.

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Puyallup is a growing, vibrant community which Doxa Painting and Services is proud to serve. With a small town rural feel, this community is generated a lot of buzz for being more than just the State Fair town!

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The exterior and interior paint of a house greatly reflects a homeowner. If you feel that your home is already looking drabby and lifeless, getting fresh paint can significantly improve its appeal.


Dash Point is a residential community offering stunning views of the Puget Sound, northeast of Tacoma, just 40 minutes drive from Seattle and 20 minutes drive to Seattle/Tacoma International Airport.


A vibrant, small and growing community within Tacoma WA. Ruston offers businesses and residents close to water and a tight knit community feel and lots of new restaurants, theatres and nightlife.

South Puget Sound

The South Puget Sound is a unique region for painting and repainting. With the wide variety of weather, extreme rain, cold, heat, snow and ice, protecting your exterior from the elements is important. To minimize the frequency of repainting your exterior, Doxa Painting and Services utilizes only the highest quality of paints and primers. This means your project is sure to be protected from the harsh elements whether you are located on the water in Tacoma or in the hills outside of Puyallup, we've got you covered.

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